Six Songs

by Shoulderblades

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six songs was written in portland, oregon & dunedin, new zealand and recorded in red hook, new york, in the early spring of early 2014, partly in a little house and partly at bard college. thank you for listening!


released September 25, 2014

annelyse gelman - guitar, vocals
sandrine masse-savard - viola
lucas hamilton - drums
atticus pomerantz - bass
bernie gelman - additional guitar on "bottomfeeder"

all songs written by annelyse gelman
after which each musician composed his/her own parts

production, recording, mixing & mastering by atticus pomerantz



all rights reserved


Shoulderblades Oakland, California

Shoulderblades, an amplified bedroom project, is Annelyse Gelman & various musician friends in different parts of the world.

we're currently based in Oakland, CA.

thank you for listening!

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Track Name: Bottomfeeder
crawl up to the beaches
that's where you'll find them
pale and round like little moons, galaxies
future glass beneath your feet
and tender to the teeth

ooh, you're beautiful, you must be good to eat
and if you make me sick - well, i know where you live
wouldn't it be lovely, wouldn't it be love to taste my lips
while i digest yours with my fish and chips

starlight dims the city
while all the sea's asleeping
small fish ate a small fish in the biggest sea
and no fish is smaller than me
but i've got sharper teeth

you're so pretty, you must have pretty meat
and if your bones stick in my throat
i'll spit them out to build a home
of muscle, marrow, stick and stone
and stick and stone and stick and stone

is it not a crime
for such a big mouth as mine
to ever ever ever be alone?
Track Name: Fallout
please could you stop the noise
i'm trying to make my own
the ghosts from those that leave
leave ghosts that won't leave me alone

but what you don't leave
love there's no need return
you can't leap from a bridge
that you've already burned

if i should not be stopping here
just say the word
the silence rings out loud and clear
but what it said i never heard

when i am king you will be
first out of the ground
with what would be apology
could you still make a sound

this is my house my neighborhood
i could have loved another one

this is my house my neighborhood
i could have loved and i still could

this is my house my neighborhood
we watch the snow fill up with woods
Track Name: Picture Books
i'll make a moat of my blood
stream if you'll cross to me
before the drawbridge is up
so no one can get to us

i'll be the dragon demanding
all your most precious things
and when you don't choose to be with me
lover i'll eat you up

no one can hurt you
safe in my bedroom
i am a monster
i'm scared of the dark too
i'd light a candle if it wouldn't scare you
to see me like this with my claws and my teeth and my

no one can hurt you
safe in my bedroom
i am a monster
i'm more afraid than you
i'd turn a light on but i do not dare to
reveal all the need that i hide when i don't speak

so i won't speak
there's nothing i need to say
that you're not already thinking

here in your company
no one can hurt me
i am a monster
who'd ever love me
i was not promised
a happy ending
but i would be happy with you thinking of me

i'll make a song of my silence
if you'll sing to me
like i was the child
you sent down the nile
toward his destiny

who put the sword in the stone instead of the ironworks?
who showed little red a path through those woods?
who put the window in every jail in those fairy tales?

you be the portrait of dorian
i'll be the nail
Track Name: The Source
bake me a cake
full of your mistakes and
able-bodied i will
fickle frail and fumble
core your brain an apple
baby i'll be gentle

ask me about my process
i dare you
ask if i'm making progress
i'll bury you

goldilocks ate
all the furniture and
when the bears returned they
sat upon her angles
made her skull a table
til her body crumpled
Track Name: Trophy
hey orchid bear your teeth like badges when they come to pick you out of all the flowers in this bed i bet you're best

so let em pick the rest

hey why'd they name you summer when you storm around the house like every conversation's rain you've just stepped out

oh summer, shut your mouth

hey picture perfect fiction underneath you're not quite what i dreamt even imperfect vision doesn't make you less a wreck
Track Name: Newtown
slow down your pulse until the color runs its course
your quicksand classroom full of silver stars hollow shells
blink and unawaken siphoning the sirens from the halls

captain tell them does an empty body sink or float i know
water fills the walls the ambulances pull us from our boats

earthquake your lungs shake the dust from under your tongue
you were born like me screaming but hush he's leaving ripples standing still
one two mississippi underneath the desks and windowsills

captain take them where our daughters float to shores we've never seen
sons come home from war with purple hearts and purple on their knees

love thy neighbor
make him welcome
when he enters
with his weapon